Animal Welfare is no Joke.

Here at Canterbury Rodeo we take Animal Welfare very seriously. Every year from the beginning of our Rodeo we have worked closely with the New Zealand SPCA and have always had a very good report from them.

In 2015 Canterbury Rodeo was the first rodeo in New Zealand to be audited by the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) following the changes in the Code of Welfare for Rodeos in New Zealand. 3 MPI inspectors spent the entire day going through every aspect of the Canterbury Rodeo. At the end of the day the MPI inspector's confirmed that Canterbury Rodeo met every part of the New Code of Welfare. The final report sent to the governing body of New Zealand Rodeo, NZRCA, indicated that Canterbury Rodeo scored highly, with MPI impressed with how we are doing.


 Here is a copy of the current Code of Welfare for Rodeos in New Zealand

If you have any questions about Animal Welfare in New Zealand Rodeos please contact Marty Deans, President of the NZRCA